What are memories to you?

A being without memories is a soulless automaton, a robot. Memories are something special to me, they are snippets of life. Family memories are an essential part of our personal history, they tell where we come from, the root of who we are today, they bring meaning to our own existence, giving it value.

What does a family dress in the wardrobe convey to you?

A family dress fills your wardrobe with life, it is something very important, that allows you to feel good and proud when you wear it, because it represents you and is part of your roots. It connects you to your origins and also to the people who have worn it and made it, there may be several of them over time, if it undergoes any transformation.

Why did you decide to participate in the Reawaken project?

Years ago I wanted to make a special garment out of my grandmother’s bed sheet, to give it another life, as I couldn’t use it because it was too small for my current bed. I told Valeria about it once and then she invited me to take part in the project, so I accepted without a moment’s hesitation, because it would allow me to fulfil a dream.

How does it relate to this dress?

The original piece was a sheet from my maternal grandmother, with a very fine lace woven by her. My aunt later added some small hand embroidery to the garment. My grandmother gave it to me when I got married and I am very fond of it. It is a very special and high quality piece, which has been used very little, so it is in perfect condition

Can you tell us something about the person it belonged to?

My grandmother was a simple person of humble origins, but she was able to relate to all kinds of people because of her great prudence and “know how to be”. She had an enormous heart and great generosity, which is why she was very loved and respected by everyone, apart from being a great mediator, who always sowed peace around her. I was always very close to her, she lived in my house when my grandfather died and played an important role in my education, because I learned a lot from her and she passed on her values to me: respect, tolerance, integrity, generosity, sincerity… but above all HUMILITY, she was the most humble person I have ever met in my life, a great virtue that is not abundant in these times.
She was a hard worker and lived through very hard times, including the Spanish Civil War and then the post-war period, which forced her to work hard at home and in the fields: my grandfather had some land inherited from his family, but the work was very hard, because the means were rudimentary and you had to travel far from home, even 2 hours walking, crossing ravines. In those days everything was handmade at home, even bread. She couldn’t do nothing and always valued a job well done. What she liked most was knitting, sewing and crochet, she had no other hobbies in life.

Re / design

Creating for a person means all this,
interpreting based on the detail brought
out by personality.

The starting point is a hand-embroidered cotton bedsheet that is transformed under the customer’s request in order to obtain an important piece that enhances the memory of the craftsmanship around the domestic hearth.

A custom-made evening gown is made and modeled directly on the mannequin through the “moulage” technique highlighting embroidery and lace, with pleats and draping to emphasize the figure. Each pleat is sewn by hand, following the ancient craft path, recovering the rhythmic times of the needle, thread and thimble, the slow peace found through the act performed by hands. 

What are your expectations of the transformation we could give this dress?

A great designer like Valeria Scoppa, in the context of a project like REAWAKEN, can create something very special. I expect a unique dress, for special occasions, created by Valeria’s loving hands, which will also have a very important emotional charge for me.

And what are your hopes for the future path of the dress over time?

I am sure that the piece will always be with me.  Perhaps at some point it can be transformed again, as a garment for everyday use, or to be worn by someone else in the family.  A quality material stands the test of time and can be recreated on successive occasions, to live many lives.