In old things, there are countless stories. 

The veil of memories is a filter that accompanies us through time, creating stories to be told. Telling and transmitting these stories is a celebration of the past and a benefit for the future so that they are not lost, and kept alive, and we continue to remember these moments through memory.

Memory is our identity.

Reawaken’s mission is to create a verified narrative of vintage or antique textile pieces, following their journey through time, and their changes through co-creation and redesign, documenting the transformations with photographs and videos.

Our goal is to investigate past events through the search for vintage, intimate, familiar, private images and try to recompose a family legacy transmitted through clothing that becomes a link between generations.

The clothes we wear do not cease to exist when they are no longer worn, but can come back to life with their load of emotions, testimony, and lived moments to which then other pieces of the future are added.

Re / interpretation

To reinterpret a garment we have to start from knowledge, that is,
to know how it is constructed to disassemble it correctly,
and from experience to redesign it in a new way.

Creativity combined with emotions allows us to develop unique, poetic, and timeless pieces that become works of art to wear.
By recovering what already exists and possesses a beauty enriched by time, we bring back to life forgotten jewels that still have much to tell.

We can call this act “UPCYCLING”, that is, reusing or recycling something that already exists and giving it more value.
Through upcycling we are able, with a process of apparent chaos, to recreate volumes and shapes.
Our upcycling is not definitive but can be changeable over time, giving the possibility to remake the garment several times.

Our mission is to create a unique design that corresponds to the personality and needs of the client, enhancing a beloved piece, and continuing the transmission of this love with updated designs.

Reawaken as a cultural project has great challenges:

how to improve the relationship with the textile industry by sharing a more poetic and sentimental way of looking at fashion, recovering existing garments in family closets, and giving them a new dimension in today’s world.

We want to move in the direction of eco-design and offer timeless, high-quality garments that reduce environmental impact.
Together we have the extraordinary opportunity to create a better future by working with purpose, designing for the planet, preserving knowledge, and transmitting culture.


is a circular project developed
by Valeria Scoppa and Lucilla Bellini,
successfully launched thanks to the support
of CirCoAX and the EU.


We want to increase the spread of the Reawaken message by opening a collaborative physical space for training,
work and sales, laying the foundations for the propagation of this system in several countries,
initiating locally a community of female entrepreneurship, a place for exchange and discussion,
and creating partnerships with small and medium enterprises and institutions that support
the growth of a circular system of development.

We are preparing a proposal for future crowdfunding to implement
this step and are looking for possible funding.

I am Valeria Scoppa,
designer, craftswoman and tailor.

Passionate about nature, history and archeology. All this drives me to know and understand other cultures.

I am a designer with the soul of a craftswoman, stories and tales as a traditional heritage have marked my path, and the knowledge transmitted by my maternal grandmother has connected me deeply with nature.

I believe it is important to actively engage in a positive interaction with the environment and create the basis for a collaborative system. 

Twenty-five years ago I founded Abissi, a sustainable fashion brand that produces unique and limited edition pieces, handcrafting each piece and above all tailoring them to individuals.

My dream is to keep alive the art of tailoring, where experience and craftsmanship intertwine in harmony with stylistic form and design, which would not be possible without the indispensable, generous and creative work of each person who collaborates to make it happen.

I am Lucilla Bellini,
photographer and artist

who works both in the world of fashion and Fine Art.
I search and capture beauty through melancholic elements, creating a poetic universe of visions and dreams, focusing my interest on emotional and strongly cinematographic images.

 The natural landscape is very important in my artistic production and is fundamental for the integration of the human subject.

My photos are taken exclusively with natural light, and the interaction of the subject with the environment is essential to achieve that moment of grace in which nature and the human being are utopically balanced.

 Since 2008, I work as a professional photographer and I am co-founder of the creative communication studio FrenchFries.


In reawaken we centered our project from the concept of ethics, sustainability and circularity. Telling and recovering stories and textile pieces are a form of transmitting knowledge and equipping the user with information necessary to understand the value of the textile element we use to dress ourselves.

It is also a form of respecting the transparency of a textile piece’s journey.

By reworking pre-existing material, antique or vintage, and keeping it in the family circuit, we have minimal environmental impact.
Each garment is unique, reworked primarily in our atelier and in collaboration with local artists and artisans.

The focus is placed on the skills and experiences of the (actors) (artisans) (workers) in the textile environment, on the quality of the material and the form in which it is preserved over time, bringing attention back to the importance of experience and the transmission of this experience through emotions.

The added value comes not only from the recovery of textile material but also from the choice to work almost and exclusively on order, avoiding overproduction.

Ours is an evolving project, created to improve our involvement with the Fashion sector, where the concept of productive growth is not related to the quantity of items produced but rather to the capacity for cultural and social growth through understanding and knowledge.