Reawaken is a culturaland artistic project

created to value the emotional
and poetic aspects of  fashion.

Rescuing antique and vintage textile pieces, actualizing them and creating a photographic and video documentation of the stories that belong to them.

What are the stories we tell when we get dressed?
And what happens as we recover a garment from the past?

We add our history and look to the future, nothing has been lost and we are keeping something precious and exciting alive.

These are the stories we have recovered and documented, through interviews and research, starting from emotions.

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Creativity combined with emotions allows us to develop unique, poetic, and timeless pieces that become wearable works of art.

Wearable art

By reclaiming what already exists and possesses a beauty enriched by time, we bring back to life forgotten gems that still have so much to tell.

To reinterpret a garment one has to start from knowledge, knowing how it is constructed in order to take it apart correctly, and from experience to redesign it in a new way

When you think about vintage, upcycling,
and old textiles, you also have to think about
the connections these create.

We want these connections to be
not just a legacy, but a story
that continues to develop
over time.

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With Reawaken we tell and create a
story from the past to the present
to generate a sustainable future.

Recovering and revaluing old textiles,
we have a lower environmental
impact than buying newly
produced textiles.